Devi Mookambika



   The presiding deity in the sanctum sanctorum of Dakshina Mookambika temple at N.Paravur is Bala Parameswari, the daughter of Lalitha Parameswari.

    She is aged only nine and she showed her bravery in the battle with Bhandasura who was born out of the ashes of Kamadeva. Lalitha Parameswari who is the mother of Bala Parameswari emerged from the fire (Chidagnikunda), When the Devas headed by Indra worshiped the goddess for getting protection from Bhandasura. Lalitha Parameswari in her Chariot, Sree Chakra moved for the battle and she was assisted by Mathangi (Manthrini) and Varahi (Dandanatha). Mahaganapathi was also born when the vighnayanthra stopped the movement of the soldiers and he threw the Yenthra so as to proceed in the battle (Kameswari- Lalitha came face to face with Kameswara-Siva; this union gave birth to Mahaganapathi).

Bala Parameswari is the basic upasana devatha in order to have access to Lalitha parameswari having shodasa kalas of a full moon. The initiation to the Bala Manthra is quite essential to fulfill the Sree Vidya Sadhana and to enjoy the ecstasy that enthrals us in the spiritual acme. Such a powerful Devatha is installed here at Dakshina Mookambika Temple. The Japamala (rosary), the veda and abhayavarada are signs of wisdom and knowledge that lead to fearlessness. The Kashaya Nivedyam during the Atthazha Pooja (at 7.30 pm) daily is a precious medicine that cures all the problems physical, phychological and intellectual. The three syllable manthra (ഐം ക്ലീം സൌ) when chanted, we become enchanted to the realm of supreme spiritual attainment. But the people are quite ignorant of all these valuable secrets now. The temple and the approach to it are occult in its nature since there is thanthra in the installation process.

The very sanctum sanctorum erected in the centre of a tank where the lotus blooms, is the abode of Bala Parameswari. The lotus is symbolic and its sanctity is precious; when the sun begins to shine the petals are opened indicating the sahasrarapadma, the very brain that should bloom like the lotus in the presence of spiritual light.

The parivara devathas that are installed include mainly Ganapathi inside, Ganapathi outside, Muruga- the jnana devatha, Vishnu the preserver of the universe. Among the parivaras Hanuman the powerful deity both Saiva and Vaishnava, Veerabhadra Lord Siva himself are also there to bless us.