The Navarathri mandapam and the Aanapandal become alive with classical concerts during Navarthri days. Nine days of dance and music makes the navarathri fest a glorious celebration. It is in the month of Kanni(September-October). Mostly small children's 'Arangettams'- the debut performances- are conducted here then. Thousands of devotees throng the temple these days. Small children are initiated to the world of learning on 'Vidyarambha mandapam' of the temple on Vijayadashmi day.



Apart from the navarathri festivals,  the ‘Ten days annual festival ’ is celebrated in the month of Makaram ( January-February ). Uthrattathi in the month of Makaram is celebrating as ‘Arattu’ ( final day of festival).  Also eigth day as ‘Uthsavabali’ and ninth day as ‘Valiyavilakku’.